What do the parks have to offer?

WINCHESTER PARK Built in the early 90's and located on approximately 23 acres, Winchester Park is home to the Chandler Sports Association. Currently there are five lighted ball fields, 1 soccer field, two concession stands, restrooms, pavilions, new playground equipment, paved parking, a concrete lighted walking trail around the park with exercise stops, picnic areas. 

MCCAIN PARK Built in 2005 with proceeds from an award won by Keep Chandler Beautiful. McCain Park is beautifully landscaped and contains a Museum, gazebo, flag pole, antique light concrete walking paths and benches. Future plans for the Park calls for the Chandler Historical Society to move the historical Train Depot to the park 

RIVER PARK Located on the banks of the Neches River, the Park provides picnic areas, a kayak launch, nature trails and a boat ramp for fishermen. It is also listed as a designated Texas Paddle Trail.

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1. How many parks are located in Chandler?
2. What do the parks have to offer?
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