Curbside Limb Chipping Program

REGULAR PICK UP DAY:            First Monday of the month (weather permitting). If delayed due to weather or for other reasons, limbs will be picked up later that week. Limbs should not be stacked  for pick up for more than 10 days prior to pick up.

WHAT WILL BE PICKED UP:      Tree limbs between 2 and 10 feet in length.  Limbs must not be larger than 6” in diameter.

LOCATION:                                   Limbs should be stacked as neatly as possible at the curb by 7:00 a.m. on pick up day. Limbs will not be collected if not at the street.

LIMITATIONS:                                This service is only for the pick-up of tree limbs which fall due to weather or limbs trimmed by the property owner. It is not intended to be used by commercial tree care companies. Leaves and grass clippings will continue to be picked up by the regular trash service following their restrictions of leaf bags not weighing more than 45 pounds or more and a limit of 10 bags per trash pick-up.  

HOW TO REQUEST SERVICE:      Requests for service must be called into the city at (903)849-4145 by the Thursday before pick up day.